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Laconia Little League's season schedule & rosters are now...
Meet & Greet / Opening Day / Parade/ More
LLL Families,   By now you should have received an initial...
Volunteers Needed/Manager and Team Meetings/More
Fans of Laconia Little League, It is time to get those volunteer...
Text Message Feature for Laconia LL
Did you know we have a feature on our website that may...
Follow Laconia Little League on Twitter!
Laconia Little League is now on Twitter!    You can...
Logging into your Laconia Little League Personal Account
If you were a player, parent, umpire, league official or other member...
LLL Anounces the Rich Velasquez Foundation (RVYSEF)!
Laconia Little League is pleased to announce the NEW Rich Velasquez...
Configuring your Internet Browser for our site
To keep our new Website working at it’s best for you, please...
Check out this Video on "How Baseballs are Made"
Thank you to Bill Salta for sharing this video on "How Baseballs...

Laconia Little League's season schedule & rosters are now LIVE on the website. Visit and look in the "Divisions, Teams, & Schedules" drop down menu. Enjoy the weekend!

by posted 04/18/2015
Meet & Greet / Opening Day / Parade/ More

LLL Families,


By now you should have received an initial phone call from your team manager. Please plan to attend the Meet & Greet either way and volunteers will guide you to your team.


• Team Meet & Greet

   Reminder – the Team Meet & Greet to meet coaches, teammates, and pick up calendars is scheduled for:

      Date – Thursday April 16th

      Time – 6:00 PM – Tee-Ball players

                  6:30 PM – Coach Pitch players

                  7:00 PM – Minors players

      Location – Opechee Park at the Laconia Room (near the concession stand)

          *This is NOT a practice – street shoes only, please leave gloves, bats, and cleats at home.


• Practices

   While ALL fields are still closed until they finish drying (areas are still very wet and playing on them will cause significant damage) we will begin practicing in some parking lots as soon as this Friday. Little League families are reminded that you are prohibited from using the city fields until the City of Laconia has officially opened them.  Your managers and coaches will be in touch in regards to your particular team’s practice schedule.

     *If your team is going to practice in a parking lot do not bring a bat – bats are prohibited when practicing on pavement.


• Fundraisers

   Calendar fundraisers will be handed out tomorrow at the Meet & Greet.  These are NOT optional – participation to sell $50 worth of fundraisers is mandatory to help cover league costs and to keep registration costs low.

   While we understand you are receiving the calendars late this year it should be plenty of time to sell 10 calendars per family.  For every calendar sold your child will be entered into a drawing to win great prizes including tickets to several sporting events, amusement parks, a brand new bike from Piche’s Ski & Sports, and much more!

   Please pass in sold calendars at the earliest opportunity to your coach. Calendars will be accepted by any coach or board member until Friday, April 24th.


• Opening Day Parade, Ceremony, and Games

   Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 25th.

   • Parade Start time – Arrive by 8:15 AM (parade will commence at 8:30 AM)

   • Parade Route – Beginning at Belknap County Courthouse and ending at Colby Field going through downtown Laconia.

   • Ceremony – Beginning of season ceremony including raffle drawings, first pitch, guests, pledge, and more!

   • Games will be starting at 10:00 AM with 20 teams playing on Opening Day this season



• Online Rosters and Schedule

   Rosters and Schedules will soon be available online. An email update will be sent to alert families that they are available.


• Equipment

   Each player should have their own glove, cleats (coach pitch and higher, no metal cleats), and water at every event. Boys wishing to play catcher at every level MUST wear a protective cup, all positions are encouraged are encouraged to wear a cup.  Optional equipment includes batting gloves, your own helmet and bat, cooling towels, etc.

Need some equipment?


• See the attached flyer for Piche’s Ski & Sport for a tremendous deal which includes a free helmet when you spend $30.  There are tons of gloves, bats, baseball pants, and other supplies that your player may need.  The offer is good at both the Belmont and Gilford locations.


  • Laconia Little League Board of Directors

by posted 04/15/2015
Volunteers Needed/Manager and Team Meetings/More

Fans of Laconia Little League,

It is time to get those volunteer applications turned in!  We have included one (see attachment) to this email and you can send it, with a copy of your license to the league email - to have your annual (yes, even if you volunteered last year you are required to fill out a volunteer form this year.  SSN is required as we use First Advantage for our background checks.

We especially need volunteers in our younger divisions - bench help and coaches at the Minors, Coach Pitch, and Tee-Ball levels.

• Remember - volunteers in ALL divisions are prohibited from helping in any way until a background check has been completed (this includes coaching a base, helping with the dugout, doing the books, etc). 

• Managers Meeting

All managers in the Minor, Coach Pitch, and Tee-Ball Divisions are asked to come to Colby Field on Tuesday April 14th to get their equipment and binders including rosters and league rules. Managers will meet in the Laconia Room by Colby Field at 6:00 PM.

• Team Meet & Greet

This season LLL is doing something a little different. Since the fields won't be ready for several days we want you to get to meet your teams, ask questions, and get your fundraising calendars. However this is NOT a practice - please wear your street shoes and do NOT bring a glove, bat, or other equipment on this day. 

Location - TBD - we will send an update

Date - Thursday, April 16th

○ Minor Division - 5:30 PM

○ Tee-Ball Division - 6:00 PM

○ Coach Pitch Division - 6:30 PM

• Field Clean Up Day

Location - Colby Field at Opechee Park

Date - Saturday, April 18th

Time - 9:00 AM - completion (the more help the faster it goes, typically about an hour)


We understand that everyone is excited to get on the field as soon as possible. Unfortunately we need a stretch of several days of warm weather without rain for the fields to properly dry and we can begin practicing.  While the preseason practices may be shortened, we are looking to stick with our original Opening Day of April 25th and will be playing ball through the second week of June.  Look for updates both through email and on our Facebook page as information is made available.


by posted 04/07/2015
Text Message Feature for Laconia LL

Did you know we have a feature on our website that may be of interest to all Laconia Little League members. You can use the dropdown beside the Cell-phone area of your personal account, Registration / Edit My Account member areas to specify your cell phone carrier. After you make this selection, all broadcast email messages, including schedule change notices and GAME CANCELLATIONS sent from the website will also be sent to your cell phone as text messages. So now if they cancel the game while you're on the road, you'll know about it right away, instead of waiting until you get near a computer or wait for a call from your Coach or Manager.

In order to make this happen, your will have to choose your cell phone carrier through either online registration or the Edit My Account feature.  ALL GAME CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGES, any position-specific e-mails (Board Member, Coach, etc) and any League-wide E-mails will be sent as a text message to your Cell Phone.   Choosing a carrier turns text messaging on for the corresponding cell phone number and you need to do nothing else!

*If you pay per text message, please be aware your service provider could charge for each Text Message you receive. You can cancel the service at anytime simply by removing your cell phone carrier from beside your cell phone.

by posted 04/03/2014
Follow Laconia Little League on Twitter!
Laconia Little League is now on Twitter!    You can get a free account at .  Once you have an account, search for "LaconiaLL" or go to .   Web updates will be made as they are available.  If you would like something posted, please e-mail and the Webmaster will post it on Twitter for you.  If you would like  your name mentioned in the the Tweet, please let me know.  

by posted 10/13/2010
Logging into your Laconia Little League Personal Account
If you were a player, parent, umpire, league official or other member of the 2013 Laconia Little League, you can update your information such as your address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses as they change.

There have been a few questions about how to log into your personal account on our site.  If you click the "Edit My Account" button on the lower left menu and then enter your email address only, it will send you a password for your account. 

You can then go in and edit the options available, such as text messaging, e-mailing notification regarding games, public/private/roster viewing of your info (please use Roster if not a coach), etc.  This screen also links to all members of your family as well.

While at this screen, you are also able to update your contact information so Laconia Little League always has the most up-to-date info.  If you want multiple emails on your account, please put a semicolon ";" after the first email and then enter the second email. 

If you have any questions, please let us know at

by posted 10/13/2010
LLL Anounces the Rich Velasquez Foundation (RVYSEF)!
Laconia Little League is pleased to announce the NEW Rich Velasquez Youth Sports Equipment Foundation (RVYSEF).  RVYSEF now has a link, located on the Laconia Little League website. This foundation was developed to help area youth that need equipment for any sport and may not have the means to pay for it. Please see more information at the RVYSEF website or on Laconia Little League's website under the RVYSEF tab. You will find lots of information on this foundation, along with an online form to request equipment for your child or a child you know needs assistance.  All requests will remain anonymous. Thank you Jack Batchelder and Cyndi Velasquez for developing this foundation that will bring lots of help and plenty of smiles to children that need it!
by posted 10/13/2010
Configuring your Internet Browser for our site
To keep our new Website working at it’s best for you, please do the following to keep “cookies” from not allowing your dropdowns to work.
1)     Have your internet browser open to any website.
2)     Click on Tools at the top bar
3)     Click on Internet Options
4)     Click on the Privacy Tab
5)     Be sure “Override Automatic Cookie handling” box is checked
6)     Now under First Party Cookies, check “Accept”
7)     Then under Third-party Cookies, check “Block”
8)     Finally, check the box next to “Always allow session cookies”
9)     Press Ok
10) Press Ok or Apply and then Ok (if Apply is not shaded)
You are done! Enjoy our new site, without issues now!

by posted 10/13/2010
Check out this Video on "How Baseballs are Made"
Thank you to Bill Salta for sharing this video on "How Baseballs are Made".  Extremely interesting video you can view by clicking on Videos on the left hand side of the home page or clicking on the following link...
by posted 09/27/2010
2015 Event Dates


Event Location When
Manager's Meeting Laconia Room at Colby Field Tues April 14, 2015  6:00 PM
Team Meet & Greet (Minors, Coach, and Tee-Ball) TBD

Thur April 16, 2015

5:30 PM

Opening Day Opechee Park Sat April 25, 2015
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